Josey Pole Bases Josey Barrel Covers
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Our Price: $179.95
Josey Pole Bases Josey Barrel Covers
These are the original Josey - Adams pole bases.These are the pole bases of choice used by pole bending champions,
due to their durability and stability.
Our Josey pole bases are approved by the AQHA and most other major associations.
Each base is a solid piece of durable, heavy rubber
They do not have to be filled with sand.
Use six to seven foot, 1 1/2-inch PVC pipe from your hardware store with each base.

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Hitting barrels is dangerous to your knees and shins and can cause long term injuries to you and your horse!
The Josey barrel covers are made of thick foam rubber that protects the knees and shins from those close encounters with the barrel on a hard-running horse. These are great for the practice pen. We use these barrel covers at Josey Reunion and the Josey Jr. World competitions. We even take ours to all away clinics and events because we want our students' safety to be foremost.

Each cover will have a one inch lip over the edge of the barrel.
Set of three barrel covers.
Fits any 55 gallon barrel.

8. Supreme "Sure Grip" Saddle Seat Josey Short Shank Combination bit
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8. Supreme "Sure Grip" Saddle Seat Josey Short Shank Combination bit
The leg wraps that go around your leg adhere to the velcro on the saddle seat giving you more grip to stay in your seat,
yet allowing you to come free in the case of an accident.

This product is perfect for all ages.
PLEASE see the video below.
This handmade bit by Don Wasson features sweet iron and works just like the Million Dollar bit fitting a lot of different horse-rider combinations. The quick release of the shanks makes this bit balance out in a run.