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1. Design Your Own 5 Star Saddle Pad
1. Design Your Own 5 Star Saddle Pad

These custom pads must be ordered by phone from the Josey Ranch. 903 935-5358
Pricing is totally dependent on the options you choose for your saddle pad.

5 Star Barrel Racer pads are 30"x28"

When ordering, the following details must decided in advance...
1. Thickness of pad - 1/2", 3/4", 7/8". or 1"
2. Color of pad - Natural, black, cinnamon, or dark chocolate (see photo below)
3. Color of wear leather - (see photo below)
4. Embroidery options - initials, logo, etc (see photo below)
A. color of embroidery
B. font style for embroidery
5. Do you want crystals or studs on the wear leather (see photo below.)
Our Price: $24.92

The Booma Rein with the Carabiner is the most popular style for quick and easy application. Great for trail riding, lessons and Therapy. This Rein also serves as the performance rein by removing the Carabiner and directly snapping the Booma Rein to the riding rein.

Supreme Josey Pro Training Reins
Supreme Josey Pro Training Reins
List Price $34.95

The Josey Pro Training Reins with a continued rein is great in the practice pen for loping circles and doing basic work on your barrel racing. This combination has also won money in competitions. These training reins are good to get your horse's nose. They aid in getting more bend and flex, and getting your horse to have a better headset. The nylon rein has braided knots to help you with your hand placement. This really helps in your barrel racing work guiding your horse to, in, and around the barrel. Great for practicing the barrels or for horsemanship.
Martha Josey Knot Reins with Snap
Martha Josey Knot Reins with Snap
List Price $35.95

The six knots braided into these reins helps you keep proper hand placement without having to look.
These are the original quality knot reins created by Martha Josey and Jerry Beagley.

Please see video below for instructions on adjusting these reins.

Comes with one snap.
01. "The Million Dollar Bit" Josey Short Shank Combination Bit)
01. "The Million Dollar Bit" Josey Short Shank Combination Bit)
Our Price: $49.95

This bit fits a lot of different horse-rider combinations. The quick release of the shanks makes this bit balance out in a run.
Phone Savvy Wither Strap
Phone Savvy Wither Strap
Our Price: $59.99

Have you ever lost your phone out of your pocket when you ride? How about listening to some music on those long rides or some background music while you are in the saddle? This is a brand new product from Ty Mitchell and Martha Josey. Check it out! It is a whither strap that has a phone holder on one side, and a blue tooth speaker holder on the other. Your phone and music will be kept securely just a few inches from your saddle horn!
Reinsman Fleece Roper Cinch
Reinsman Fleece Roper Cinch
Our Price: $69.98

Cinch up with Reinsman! Fleece cinches provide plush comfort against the horse and are ideal for sensitive skin. Removable liners for easy cleaning. Reinsman cinches use stainless steel hardware and roller buckles for longevity and an easy cinching up experience.

Reinsman Tips about Proper Cinch Usage and Your Horseís Comfort

Cinch the horse in stages, and we recommend using leather tie straps with a synthetic cinch to allow room for lung expansion.

The front cinch should be about as tight as your belt Ė if itís comfortable for you it should be comfortable for your horse. Do not over tighten the cinch because the tighter you cinch, the more pressure you create before you even sit in the saddle.

While itís tempting to overtighten a cinch for a saddle that rolls Ė donít do it! Check that the saddle is the correct fit for the horse. Try a different saddle pad (make sure you arenít over-padding), a wider cinch, neoprene
cinch, or flank cinch to help secure the saddle.
Josey Short Shank Combination bit
Josey Short Shank Combination bit
Our Price: $79.95

This handmade bit by Don Wasson features sweet iron and works just like the Million Dollar bit fitting a lot of different horse-rider combinations. The quick release of the shanks makes this bit balance out in a run.
Josey Barrel Covers
Josey Barrel Covers
Our Price: $179.95

Hitting barrels is dangerous to your knees and shins and can cause long term injuries to you and your horse!
The Josey barrel covers are made of thick foam rubber that protects the knees and shins from those close encounters with the barrel on a hard-running horse. These are great for the practice pen. We use these barrel covers at Josey Reunion and the Josey Jr. World competitions. We even take ours to all away clinics and events because we want our students' safety to be foremost.

Each cover will have a one inch lip over the edge of the barrel.
Set of three barrel covers.
Fits any 55 gallon barrel.

Josey Pole Bases
Josey Pole Bases
Our Price: $245.00

These are the original Josey - Adams pole bases.These are the pole bases of choice used by pole bending champions,
due to their durability and stability.
Our Josey pole bases are approved by the AQHA and most other major associations.
Each base is a solid piece of durable, heavy rubber
They do not have to be filled with sand.
Use six to seven foot, 1 1/2-inch PVC pipe from your hardware store with each base.

The shipping price listed is an estimated price for an average within the continental US.