3" Slanted Aluminum Stirrups Josey Short Shank Combination Bit (Million Dollar Bit)
List Price $90.00
List Price $49.95
The Short Shank Combination has a new name, The Million Dollar Bit, because it has won lots of money for many riders.
Martha Josey Knot Reins with Snap Pole Bases - Set of 6
List Price $32.95
Comes with one snap.
Our Josey pole bases are approved by the AQHA. Each base is a solid piece of durable, heavy rubber--they do not have to be filled with sand. Use 1 1/2-inch PVC pipe.
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Josey Ultimate Round Skirt
These fine saddles are a mark of quality and desire for success. At Josey Ranch, we firmly believe that these saddles are perfect for competition as well as tremendous training and horsemanship aids. The Ultimate saddles come in a variety of different seat colors and sizes.