Josey Short Shank Combination Bit (Million Dollar Bit) 6. Martha Josey CASH
List Price $49.95
Call for Pricing $2,425.00
The Short Shank Combination has a new name, The Million Dollar Bit, because it has won lots of money for many riders. PLEASE CALL TO ORDER: 903 935-5358. The price listed is an "Average cost". There are many options that will vary the final cost of this saddle.

Same great Ultimate design with a 9" swell and 5" cantle to help keep you in position. Tooling: Floral with crystal border. Conchos: Crystal Mosaic. Rigging: 3-Way Adjustable. Stirrups: 3" Wide Aluminum rubber grip stirrups. CALL TO ORDER

All of our saddles can be customized to fit your taste. Give us a call today.
Pole Bases - Set of 6 3" S.A. Walls Brand Slanted Aluminum Stirrups
List Price $99.95
Our Josey pole bases are approved by the AQHA. Each base is a solid piece of durable, heavy rubber--they do not have to be filled with sand. Use 1 1/2-inch PVC pipe.
Call or email for shipping charges to your destination; be sure to include your zip code or postal code.
Supreme "Sure Grip" Saddle Seat Martha Josey Knot Reins with Snap
List Price $49.95
List Price $32.95

Comes with one snap.

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